Our Mission

The mission of the Massachusetts Child Health Quality Coalition (CHQC) is to champion and advocate for improved child health care quality and measurement, and to serve as a neutral convener of a broad-based set of stakeholders to facilitate a shared understanding of pediatric health care quality priorities across Massachusetts.

The CHQC focused on promoting effective communication and care coordination for children (first broadly and then emphasizing behavioral health needs) and building capacity to measure the quality of child health care services and outcomes.

Our History

In 2011, five organizations partnered to launch the CHQC with grant funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The founding partners—MassHealth (Massachusetts’ Medicaid and CHIP program), Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners, National Institute for Children’s Health Quality, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School—recognized the need to address quality improvement efforts specifically for children’s health care and created the CHQC to facilitate the work. They applied for and were awarded a grant made possible by the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (known as CHIPRA) to, among other goals, create a statewide coalition focused on child health.

The CHQC serves as a neutral convener of many diverse stakeholders who want and need to participate in the development and pursuit of pediatric healthcare quality priorities across Massachusetts. The members of our coalition include parents and family advocates, medical and behavioral health care providers, community organizations, and  health policy experts. We are committed  to ensuring that families are active and equal partners in all of our efforts. We also help our organizational members, such as hospitals and health plans, to partner meaningfully and effectively with parents and other family members who want to be involved in improving the quality of children’s health care.

Our Work

All of our efforts  are intended to improve the health and the quality of health care for children. To that end, we focus our work around following areas: